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Cheese-Grating: How to Grate Cheese?

Cheese on pizza
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You can argue, but you didn’t know for sure that cheese can be grated in different ways. Fair enough. You can use this method to grate cheese without a cheese grater, whether you use a grater regularly at home or suddenly need grated cheese but don't have it on hand.

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4 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Cheese

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People have been making, eating, and obsessing about cheese for over 8,000 years. From the Romans to the Druids, cheese-making has been a standard skill in many cultures. Some areas of the world have become famous for the painstaking efforts they make in the world of cheese making.

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Types of Cheese to Try Out with Coffee

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If you love a good dose of caffeine every morning, then it's only best to pair it up with some fuel for the day. Coffee is a staple in every family home, and so is the ever-popular cheese. If you're a lover of both these two delicacies, we've gone through the list and summed up 5 delicious cheese types that work exceptionally well with a steaming cup of Joe every morning! Don't worry since the cheeses on this list are common on the market shelves. Enjoy!

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5 Cheesy Delicious Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is nothing better than a decadent cheesy breakfast. Making toast using a Kockhuset-inspired chef’s recipe will definitely get you out of bed in the morning with a smile. In this article, we discuss a few breakfast options that can be made with cheese.

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Mouth-Watering Cheese from Canada

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The land of the deliciously sweet maple syrup is also home to some amazing cheese varieties! You don’t even have to visit a different country. Simply head to the supermarket, pick out your choice of cheese to taste and transport yourself to a different country! We’ve written down our favourite cheeses from beautiful Canada. Enjoy them with some comfort food cooked at home for the right vibes.

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5 French Wine & Cheese Pairings You Can't-Miss

Wine and cheese
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Do you know what's better than sipping delicious French wine while enjoying the stunning views of the local French countryside? It's by drinking the beverage with some cold cuts of meat & cheese right at home with family! You don't have to visit the top wine destinations in France. Instead, plan your meals that bring out the flavours with some of our popular French wine & cheese pairings that will have you and everyone else wishing for the beautiful vineyard views!