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This cheese is also known as ‘Caciocavallo’ in Italy, ‘Kaçkavall’ in Albania, ‘Kaškaval’ in Macedonia, ‘Caşcaval’ in Romania, ‘Caciucavaddu’ in Sicily, ‘Kaşar’ in Turkey. It is made from cow or sheep’s milk. This cheese has originated in Sicily, Itlaly, but is now produced in the Balkan region also. The original name of Kačkavalj i.e. Caciocavallo literally means, ‘Cheese on horseback’. It was thought previously that the cheese was made from mare’s milk and also because the curdled milk was placed on a ‘cavallo’, i.e. horizontal stick or branch. This cheese is shaped like a tear and its taste is similar to Itlalian cheese Provolone, with a hard but edible rind.

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