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  • Made from cow's or sheep's milk

  • Country of origin: Montenegro

  • Fat content: 60%

  • Texture: creamy

  • Vegetarian: no

  • Producers: Kuč Company

In terms of food production, cheese production is the oldest in Montenegro. The recipe of cheese making has been passing from generation to generation in most households. Geographically Montenegro is very suitable for cattle breeding. Cheese types vary from area to area. Kajmak is a creamy cheese made by boiling the milk and then cooling it completely. The upper creamy and fatty layer that is formed on the milk is called ‘kajmak’. This is collected in wooden pots and seasoned with salt. It was let to age and this aged kajmak was called ‘ripened’ or ‘aged kajmak’. The left over milk, after the kajmak was removed was used to make low fat cheese. Unripened or ‘new kajmak’ is sent to the market, where it is kept to age and then sold. New kajmak is white or whitish-yellowish in colour. Minimum of 15 to 20 days are needed to age/ferment the kajmak. In some cases, the kajmak is kept to age over months. It is used as a supplement with other dishes. Kajmak is mostly sold at green markets.

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