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In India butter is known as 'makkhan'. Traditionally makkhan is made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk. Mostly it is made from cow's milk, but it can also be made from sheep, goat, buffalo and yak. Salt, condiments or seasonings are added to makkhan to add to its taste. Rendering butter, transfers it to ghee. When refrigerated, it attains solid consistency, but at room temperature it melts. It has a pale yellow colour, but can range from white to dark yellow. The colour depends upon the which mammal's milk is used and the colouring added by the manufacturer. It has a soft and spreadable consistency and therefore used as a spread on bread, crackers, etc. and also in cooking, baking and frying. Butter made from a fermented cream is known as cultured butter and that made from pasteurised fresh cream is called sweet cream butter. Butter made from fresh or cultured unpasteurised cream is called raw cream butter.

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