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Medium Cheddar

  • Made from cow's milk

  • Country of origin: Canada

  • Texture: smooth

  • Vegetarian: no

Medium Cheddar or Tillamook Medium Cheddar is a kind of cheddar that is found to be smooth, extremely rich, and creamy. Needs to be aged for a period of around 60 days so that it acquires its distinct texture. Made from cultured cow’s milk. Contains salt, enzymes, annatto (colour). Once opened, should be covered tightly with its original package and stored in the coolest section of the refrigerator to avoid dryness or moldiness. Available in three different forms: Cheddar coloured, cheddar white and cheddar medium heart (coloured). Cheddar coloured, as the name suggests, is orange with a light crunchy flavour, which develops on aging. Has a firm and smooth texture. Generally served with deserts and Champagne, Chardonnay. Cheddar white is a firm grainy white cheese. Neither too mild nor too strong has a nutty flavour. Eaten with deserts and Champagne, Chardonnay. Cheddar medium heart is coloured with grainy texture. Has a mild crunchy taste with a smooth and firm texture. Appreciated with deserts and Cabernet, Rioja, Sauvignon Blanc.

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