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  • Made from cow's milk

  • Country of origin: Hungary

  • Type: semi-hard

  • Fat content: 40-46%

  • Vegetarian: no

Trappista Cheese has a French origin and is made from cow’s milk. It has a semi hard texture and is one of Hungary’s most popular cheeses. The 18th century monks of the French Notre Dame de Port-du-Salut abbey in France originally prepared Trappista. This recipe traveled from France to Hungary through Bosnian Maria-Stern monastery. Today’s French Port-Salut cheese is the original 18th century recipe of the Trappista cheese. Trappista cheese is also known as ‘Gethsemane’ cheese. It is a fatty type of cheese with a fat percent of 45. As it is flexible, it can be cut and bent easily without breaking it. Trappista Cheese is pale yellow in colour and has 3.5 mm meagerly distributed holes. It is packed in a red foil in 1.5 and 0.5 kg ‘wheels’. It is also available in shapes of slices and ‘bricks’. This cheese is best consumed with light or red wines, fruits and as a melted topping on hot vegetables/meat. Many type of Hungarian wines such as 'Somloi Juhfark', 'Somloi Harslevelu', 'Egri Bikaver', 'Soproni Kekfrankos', 'Merlot' and 'Blue Oporto'.

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