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Travnik cheese

Most of the villagers sell Vlasic white cheese in Travnik market situated in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. So Vlasic white cheese is also famous by the name "Travnik cheese". Produced in the Vlasic Mountain area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is one the best white cheese in brine i.e. water saturated or nearly saturated with salt. It is said that nomads from East who called themselves Vlasi introduced a technique of cheese making in brine. Thus this cheese was named after them. This technique of cheese making was taken by the farmers of other mountains and now it is largely produced in all over Bosnia region. Made originally from non pasteurised, fresh sheep milk, it is produced right after the milking. The aging process is mostly held in sheds called katuns and it is carried out atleast for 2-3 months on the mountains. It is also produced with cows milk for those people who do not like the strong odour of sheep milk cheese. Thick slices of cheese are stored in wooden casks. Now a days, it is manufactured in dishes and storing containers made of stainless steel and plastic.

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