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Victor et Berthold

Victor et Berthold
Photo Credit: Fromagerie du Champ à la Meule
  • Made from unpasteurized cow's milk

  • Country of origin: Canada

  • Type: semi firm

  • Fat content: 28%

  • Rind: washed

  • Colour: pale yellow

  • Flavour: acidic, buttery, fruity

  • Aroma: herbal

  • Vegetarian: no

  • Producers: Fromagerie du Champ à la Meule

Victor et Berthold is semi-soft cheese, with a crust washed with grass and a gentle fruity flavour. Comes with a sharp taste and a buttery odour. Made from raw cow’s milk. Matures in 80 days. Is preserved in a doubled waxed paper of an aluminium foil between 2 and 4 ºC with around 48% humidity. Contains around 28% fat. Available as Victor et Berthold, Reserve Victor and Berthold cheese in all grocery shops. Served with salads, soups and sauces. melted on potatoes and scrapped on pizzas. Appreciated in all the courses, right from starters to the desert.

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