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  • Made from goat's or sheep's milk

  • Country of origin: Greece

  • Region: Macedonia, Thrace, Thessalia, Peloponissos, Ionian Islands, Aegean islands, Crete Island and Epirus

  • Type: hard, whey

  • Fat content: 30%

  • Calcium content: 318 mg/100g

  • Texture: crumbly

  • Rind: natural

  • Colour: white

  • Flavour: salty, tangy

  • Aroma: strong

  • Synonyms: Anthotyro, Anthotyro Fresco

  • Alternative spellings: Antotiro, Anthotiro

Anthotyros also known as Anthotiro is a traditional Greek cheese prepared with adding whey in sheep or goat milk or sometimes mixture of these milk. Regions of Macedonia, Thrace, Thessalia, Peloponissos, Ionian Islands, Aegean Islands, Crete Island and Epirus have been producing this cheese for centuries. The name Anthotyros literally translated means “flower cheese”, comes from the wafting aromas of wild herbs.

Dry Anthotyros or Anthotyro Xero is a matured cheese available in a truncated cone or ball shape. If Anthotyros is left to age, thick salt is usually added to cover the exterior. Dry Anthotyros has a hard texture, salty taste and savoury flavour. It has a very powerful smell reminiscent of a sherry. When aged, it is an excellent grating cheese and can be used to augment the taste of pasta, spaghetti or salads.

There's a fresh version of Anthotyros called Anthotyro Fresco (Fresh Anthotyro).

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