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Kasseri is a traditional, Greek-Turkish cheese made from unpasteurised sheep milk with no more than 20% goat’s milk mixed in. It is a springy-textured, white crust, stringy cheese belonging to the pasta filata family like Provolone or Muenster. To obtain the correct texture and flavour, the cheese needs to be matured for a minimum of four months. It is used as a substitute to the famous mozzarella by many American consumers.

The cheese also competes against another famous Greek cheese; Feta. Kasseri is preferred by connoisseurs who like full flavoured cheeses. A bite of Kasseri will enrich your palate with exciting salty flavours and pungent odor. But interestingly, it soon leaves behind a sweet aftertaste. This is because of the high use of sheep’s milk.

Pale yellow in colour, Kasseri’s mild, palatable, buttery taste makes it an excellent table cheese. It contains a fat content of anywhere between 25% - 45%. When served at room temperature, it can be paired with omelets, sandwiches or used as a pastry cheese.

  • Made from unpasteurized goat's and sheep's milk
  • Country of origin: Greece
  • Family: Pasta filata
  • Type: semi-hard
  • Fat content: 25-45%
  • Texture: chewy, firm and springy
  • Rind: rindless
  • Colour: pale yellow
  • Flavour: salty, sweet
  • Aroma: pungent
  • Vegetarian: no
  • Producers: CHRISTAKIS Greek Cheeses
  • Alternative spellings: Kaser, Kasar

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