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  • Made from unpasteurized cow's milk

  • Country of origin: Ireland

  • Region: Co. Tipperary

  • Family: Cheddar

  • Type: hard, artisan

  • Texture: close and firm

  • Rind: waxed

  • Colour: yellow

  • Flavour: herbaceous, mild, smokey

  • Aroma: herbal, mild

  • Vegetarian: yes

  • Producers: BAY LOUGH CHEESE

  • Alternative spellings: Bay Lough

Bay Lough is a cow’s milk cheese invented by husband and wife, Dick and Anne Keating. With no experience in cheese making, the couple struggled a lot before they could produce any palatable cheese. Over time, improved efforts and stovetop experiments helped Anne discover one of the finest Irish cheeses of all time; Bay Lough Cheddar.

Bay Lough cheeses are cheddar-style cheeses made using vegetarian rennet and unpasteurised milk. The couple produces several varieties of this cheese, including Bay Lough Cheddar, Smoked, Garlic & Herb, and Smoked Herb & Garlic. All assortments are firm and light yellow, with closed texture, underpinned by smokiness or/and flavours of herbs & spices. To denote the variety, the cheese cylinders are coated in a black, orange, yellow or brown wax. The maturity period for the cheese is 3-4 months and is available throughout the year.