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Photo Credit: La Maison Alexis de Portneuf Inc.


Doré-Mi is a semi-soft cheese that melts slightly, but largely retains its firmness when grilled or pan fried. Inspired by the Halloumi-style cheeses from the Mediterranean shores of Cyprus, Doré-Mi is subtly enriched with oriental spices and aromatic flavourings. Similar to a Halloumi, it is a slightly springy, moist and homogenous. This rindless cheese is offered in multiple varieties: Plain, Mediterranean spices, Indian spices and Jalapeño.

Since it can be cut, cubed or sliced, Doré-Mi is ideal for brochettes and raclette. A versatile cheese, it can be pan-seared or grilled on a barbecue, eaten as a snack or served in a salad.

Doré-Mi has won many awards in its category including bronze at 2014 International Cheese Awards.

  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Region: Quebec
  • Family: Cottage
  • Type: semi-soft
  • Fat content: 22%
  • Texture: chewy, firm and springy
  • Rind: rindless
  • Colour: white
  • Flavour: salty, savory, spicy
  • Aroma: aromatic
  • Producers: La Maison Alexis de Portneuf Inc.
  • Alternative spellings: Doré-Mi with Jalapeño, Doré-Mi with Mediterranean spices, Doré-Mi with Indian Spices

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