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Okanagan Double Cream Camembert

  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk

  • Country of origin: Canada

  • Region: Quebec

  • Family: Camembert

  • Type: soft, artisan, soft-ripened

  • Texture: buttery, creamy, soft and soft-ripened

  • Rind: bloomy

  • Colour: pale yellow

  • Flavour: buttery, creamy, mushroomy

  • Aroma: mushroom, pungent

  • Producers: Poplar Grove Cheese

  • Synonyms: Poplar Grove Camembert

Okanagan Double Cream Camembert is a soft bloomy rind cheese with a creamy, rich luscious texture enveloped by a characteristic lovely white coat. It is brine salted, then aged for three weeks for the Camembert to develop a creamy, buttery and fresh mushroomy taste with notes of white truffles. This is a really good addition to a cheese platter plus it pairs well with a lot of white or red wines.

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