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Kirkham's Lancashire

Kirkham's Lancashire
Photo Credit: Mrs Kirkhams

Kirkham's Lancashire is an unpasteurized cow's milk cheese made by Graham Kirkham, a third-generation Lancashire-maker and original inventor, Mrs Kirkham's son. It is a moist, rich, crumbly and creamy cheese with a "buttery crumble" and a fluffy, light consistency that melts in the mouth. Flavours are lemony, yoghurty and savoury ending up on a lingering Lancashire tang. The cheese is matured for 2-3 months but can be prolonged for up to 6 months by which it becomes almost spreadable. It progresses to a soft silky, custard-like texture when melted with an aroma that is remarkable.

Accompany a Barbera, a tawny port or a Sauternes/Barsac alongside some lovely, crumbly Lancashire cheese.

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