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Suffolk Punch
Photo Credit: Parish Hill Creamery

Suffolk Punch

Suffolk Punch is a classic pasta filata cheese, made by Parish Hill Creamery in southern Vermont, US. It is made by stretching curds until it forms its gourd-shape. This black rind cheese is made using part-skim milk of cows. The cheese is aged for at least 2 months, during which it is rubbed and polished with olive oil that gives an edible rind. When young the interior part is firm and smooth and becomes flaky and dry as it ages.  Buttery and tangy in taste, it is suitable with any meal. Some versions are aged over six months that develops peppery notes.

  • Made from unpasteurized cow's milk
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Region: Vermont
  • Family: Pasta filata
  • Type: hard, artisan
  • Texture: dry and firm
  • Rind: natural
  • Colour: ivory
  • Flavour: buttery, tangy
  • Aroma: buttery, spicy
  • Vegetarian: no
  • Producers: Parish Hill Creamery

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