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Halleck Creek
Photo Credit: Nicasio Valley Cheese Company

Halleck Creek

Halleck Creek is a Camembert style cheese produced by Nicasio Valley Cheese Company in Nicasio, California. Made using 100% organic cow's milk, this soft-ripened, bloomy rind cheese is similar to Nicasio's Formagella cheese. As it ages, it develops a dry, snow-white rind, mineral aroma. The inner paste is pale yellow in colour with oozy texture and grassy, mild and little tangy flavour.

Halleck Creek can be served with fruits, salads or on sandwiches. Try pairing it with Bordeaux or dry Sparkling Wine.

  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Region: Nicasio
  • Family: Camembert
  • Type: semi-soft, soft-ripened
  • Texture: creamy
  • Rind: bloomy
  • Colour: pale yellow
  • Flavour: mild, tangy
  • Aroma: grassy, mild
  • Vegetarian: no
  • Producers: Nicasio Valley Cheese Company

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