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Dry Jack
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Dry Jack

Dry Monterey Jack is an aged version of the Monterey Jack that originated in the United States in mid 1950s. During those days, only the wealthy and commercial establishments had access to refrigerators. In the summers, middle class households had to store their dairy products in iceboxes cooled with ice blocks. Cheeses could not compete with milk and butter for a place in the icebox and had to fend for themselves.

Consumers requested for a variant of Monterey Jack that would not become runny in the summers. The solution was Dry Jack, a hard cheese, aged from ten months to upto four years. Firm in texture with a pale yellow pate, the cheese has a rich, nutty yet mild and assertive flavour. As the cheese ages Dry Jack wheels become increasingly brittle. As the cheese is similar in texture to Parmesan, it makes a good substitute for churning and grating over salads, pasta, soups or tacos. The cheese can be shred, cooked, sliced or even eaten as it is. You will never go wrong by grating Dry Jack over casseroles, toasted cheese sandwiches, omelets and soufflés. Consider Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rose, Shiraz or Zinfandel with a Dry Jack.

  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Region: Monterey, California
  • Family: Monterey Jack
  • Type: hard
  • Texture: brittle, crumbly and firm
  • Rind: natural
  • Colour: pale yellow
  • Flavour: mild, nutty
  • Aroma: aromatic, earthy
  • Vegetarian: yes
  • Alternative spellings: Dry Monterey Jack

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