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Aged Cashew & Dulse Cheese
Photo Credit: Dr-Cow / Tree Nut Cheese Corp.

Aged Cashew & Dulse Cheese

Dr-Cow's Aged Cashew & Dulse Cheese is whitish cheese with purple dots. It is aged for 3 months and made using organic raw cashews nut and this amazing sea algae dulse. This firm but creamy, individually-packaged cheese has that wonderful sea flavor, which goes very well with crackers or figs. Fishy but slightly ocean, it is a perfect for crumbling or smearing on crackers or vegetables.

This artisanal cheese is low in fat, sodium, calories, zero cholesterol, high in iron and vegetable protein. It is also absolutely free of dairy and gluten.

  • Country of origin: United States
  • Region: Brooklyn NY
  • Type: firm, artisan
  • Texture: firm and spreadable
  • Colour: brown
  • Flavour: creamy, oceanic
  • Aroma: rich
  • Vegetarian: yes
  • Producers: Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheese

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